About us

Vreta Kluster is a business park, a meeting place and an arena of development for the green industry, i.e. those working in agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry, food, renewable energy, aquaculture and gardening. We provide research, company and funding networks and contacts along with support for business development and applications. Our objective is to stimulate innovation, technological progress and business development for companies, thus resulting in growth for the green industry.

Vreta Kluster has three areas of activity

Business networks, seminars and workshops

  • Builds networks and partnerships
  • Generates new ideas
  • Stimulates new development projects
  • Helps more people get funding – via contact with funders and project experts. Plenty of ideas and loads of expertise and energy are out there, but external capital is often needed to move forward
  • Facilitates new contacts and business opportunities for more people

Process management

  • Manages processes from idea to project
  • Facilitates testing and application of project findings

Development projects

A variety of development projects are in progress which involve the development of technologies and methodologies as well as business development. These projects are mainly driven by the companies at the business park. Our objective is to create even more development projects for creating new products and services that stimulate growth. Here is a selection of what areas these projects are working in: hydraulics, online systems and IT in agriculture, unmanned flights in agriculture and forestry, sensors for ongoing measurement, distribution solutions for locally produced meat, energy efficiency improvements for barns, biogas production on farms, organic farming experiments, the public procurement of food, and support for emerging companies, etc.

The objective of our conference activities is to make it easy for companies both inside and outside of the business park to set up quality meetings and to give them easy access to the expertise and other activities at the cluster.

We provide modern, bright office space in a comfortable environment for green industry companies. The total office area is 3100 m2. In this environment, you are surrounded by high-level expertise, experience and networks in many green industry segments. We currently have around 30 companies associated with the cluster, with a total of around 100 people on site. Our nearest neighbour is Vretaskolan with approximately 500 upper secondary school students and vocational college programmes in agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry, the transport industry and the horse industry (link to school).

Contact person for leases:
Ulrika Backlund, Sankt Kors Fastighets AB, tel 013-26 36 12

Welcome to Vreta Kluster

Vreta Kluster, Klustervägen 11-13, 590 76 Vreta Kloster
58°29’21.4″N 15°29’19.0″E

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